Anicee was born 11 years ago in Crooked Tree, Belize.  She went to a children’s home at the age of 2 and lived there until she came here, to Colorado, to her forever family.  We knew that we were a match for Anicee because she was born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta - OI for short.  Since birth Anicee has had over 100 broken bones and 4 major surgeries.  My husband and I also have that same disability, we knew we could offer her so much love and support on her journey through life.  My husband, mom, friend and I flew to Belize 3 years ago to finally meet Anicee.  From the second we saw her we knew she was going to change our lives forever and she definitely has.  Anicee touches the lives of everybody she comes in contact with, her beautiful spirit glows from within.  Her spirit and positive attitude were just a couple of the reasons that Anicee was chosen to be the 2014 Orthopedic Ambassador for Children’s Hospital.  She is a fantastic spokesperson and has the ability to share her inspiring story so easily with others.  Here’s a link to a piece she did in February for Children’s Hospital  on Alice 105.9 radio station.  

Alice 105.9 - Anicee

Even though Anicee is 11 years old, she is very small - 28 lbs.  She uses an electric chair and doesn’t have a lot of strength in her arms and legs.  Anicee, as well as Chris and I, know first hand that growing up with OI can sometimes be a lot to deal with   There’s not only the physical pain associated with the disability; Anicee can crack a rib from sneezing or coughing too hard.  There’s also the mental aspects: elementary school, kids, being different, being stared at, made fun of - nobody wants to go through that alone. 

Anicee was recently given the opportunity to have her own service dog and we want that so much for her.    Pearl was donated by Debbie from Zippity Doodles and is being trained by Ana from Training with Grace.  We hope Pearl will help Anicee with some of the tough parts of having OI.  Ana was at our house with Pearl several months ago and Anicee lowered her power chair to the ground to pet Pearl who was lying on the floor.  All of the sudden, Anicee started crying. When Ana asked what was going on, Anicee said that she was just so happy and she couldn’t believe this was happening for her.   You can follow Anicee and Pearl on FB - Anicee & Pearl.  It’s beautiful to watch them grow together.

Anicee has her own bank account and is raising and saving money for her future.  She is raising money not only for the training and care of Pearl, she already has used some money from her piggy bank to get her a beautiful rainbow collar, tags and a Star Wars chew toy.  She is also raising money to continue her painting lessons, which are so important to her, Italian lessons from a private tutor and Anicee loves to travel.  She loves to travel with her grandma to places like Santa Fe to see the art galleries and in October she is going to the Balloon Festival in Albequerque.  Anicee loves to live life to the fullest, she loves to have parties for her friends and she loves to go to shows downtown and eat out at her favorite restaurants.  Please donate whatever you can to help make her dreams come true.  Thank you in advance.

Here’s a link to Anicee’s art page!  She has some amazing paintings to share and sell!!!

Anicee’s art